Process and Prices


  • First you have to reserve your date
  • Please arrive on location 10 minutes ahead of time
  • Our team leader will welcome you in the lobby to explain the rules and answer your qustions
  • Your will be led to the room and we will lock it from the outside
  • Now it’s you turn to solve the puzzle, you have 60 minutes time
  • You have solved the case and found the exit key
  • We would love if you could take a few more minutes for a short feedback


The game costs 90€ for a maximal number of 6 persons. For larger groups please ask us induvidually.
We recommend the game being played by 4-6 persons, this would amount to following prices per person.

  • for 4 persons 22,50€ each
  • for 5 persons 18€ each
  • for 6 persons 15€ each

Still got questions?