Room 1: The Usual Suspects

Leonberg, February 27th 2015
It’s a stormy evening, junior chief Markus Gertring is coming back to his office at 9pm. His colleague Martin Schmitd was about to go home when he encountered him. According to his testimony, Mr Gertring looked broken, but there wasn’t any conversation besides a short greeting between them. Was he the last person to have seen Mr. Gertring alive?
The next day his father, CEO of the company, finds his son’s dead body. Aside from a cut at his fingertip, the FBI didn’t find any signs of external force. Forensics declares death through suffocation.
The case remains unsolved to this day, but they found a locked safe in his office. They were hoping to find clues within, but there was a problem. According to his wife (Caroline Gertring) the victim was obsessed with riddles, scavenger hunts and puzzles.
After the safe’s thorough analysis it was clear, that the safe could not be opened without endangering its content.
The safe is also wired with the office door. The only way to open it, is to lock the door from the outside and enter the right keycode within 60 minutes, otherwise its content will be forever lost.
Now the FBI needs YOU, the Exitgames Leonberg Team, to bring an end to this mistery and solve the crime.

  • The CEO

    Der Senior Chef

    According to insider information, the business wasn’t going too good. Was the father and CEO of the company blaming his son for the company’s problems?

  • The secretary

    Die Sekretärin

    According to some tesimonies, there might have been an affair between her an the vicitm. Was there even a child on its way?

  • The wife

    Die Ehefrau

    Has the wife heard of the affair and acted on jealousy?

  • The colleague

    Der Kollege

    Did the colleague also have an interest in the secreatary Monika Krieg and wanted to make room for himself?

  • The son

    Der Sohn

    It is well known, that the son had a fullfilled party life. Did he get into financial problems and needed his heritage to party on?

  • The daughter

    Die Tochter

    After her diploma she wanted to start big in her grandfathers company, but her father holded her back. Did she want to get rid of this obstacle?