Wieviel Personen können gleichzeitig in einem Raum spielen?

Das Spiel ist für Gruppen von 3-6 Personen ausgelegt, wenn ihr mit weniger oder mehr Personen spielen wollt, kontaktiert uns doch bitte via E-Mail. Wir werden gemeinsam eine Lösung finden.

Sind fremde Personen mit im Raum?

Während eures gebuchten Termins ist der Raum nur für eure Gruppe verfügbar. Es werden keine kleineren Gruppen gemischt.

Was müssen wir mitbringen?

Gute Laune, Teamgeist und Enthusiasmus – Alles was ihr zum Lösen der Rätsel braucht gibt es vor Ort.

How long does the game take?

The game lasts for a maximum of 60 minutes. If you haven’t solved the case by this time, the game will be lost and we will free you out of the room. All in all you should plan about 90 minutes, since you should be on site about 10 minutes before the game and that we have time for a quick talk after the game ended.

What if we get stuck in the game?

We monitor the game for the whole 60 minutes. You can communicate with the team leader via walkie talkie. He/She can can give you hints so you will solve the case easier and on time.

Why is the game video monitored and will this video be recorded?

The monitoring serves us to see where you are in the game and to give you suitable hints if you need them. Also we monitor the game for security reasons, so we can react fast in an emergency. Die video is not recorded.

Is there an age restriction?

Theoretically, the game can be played at any age although we recommend it for people 12 and up. If you are under 16 years, please bring at least one adult with you. Under 12 we need you to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

How can we pay?

When placing your reservation you can choose if you want to pay it on site or via Paypal. Please be aware that we can only accept cash on site.

Where is the room and are there any parking spaces?

The address and a rounting description can be found under Route

Are there any physical limitations to this game?

The game is set in the 2nd floor and can be accessed with a lift. So the room is accessible by wheelchair. If you have special limitations please contact us upfront.

Are there any gift coupons available?

Gift coupons are available on site or can be ordered under info@exitgames-leonberg.de. Please type in your gift coupon code in the commentary field when booking.

How large is the room, are there any bathrooms?

The room is big enough so that 6 persons can move in there without stepping on each others feet. So don’t be afraid of any panic attacks.
The bathrooms are accessible before and after the game.

Since the room is locked, what happens in case of an emergency

The room is constantly monitored by the team leader. He also hast a key so he can quickly unlock the door in case of an emergency.

My questions weren’t answered here, where should I turn to?

If you have any further questions, we would love to answer them e-mail info@exitgames-leonberg.de or telefphone 015252143614.